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JJR Combo 2: Bible Memory Cd & Teaching DVD
JJR Combo 2: Bible Memory Cd & Teaching DVD

Our Price: $18.99

Product Code: JJRBMDVD

***WE HAVE REPLACED THE THIS ITEM WITH A USB Drive and included the new verse for the 2021 Bible quizzing season. If you are purchasing for Bible Quizzing, please select the USB Drive or you will NOT have the correct item.
***The Foundry replaced one of the memory verses for Joshua-Judges-Ruth (2021-22) Children's Bible Quizzing.

JJR is short for the Bible Study of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.
Order together and SAVE! JJR Bible Memory Cd: Our Bible memory CDs are designed with Children's Bible Quizzing in mind. Whether the songs are a capella with beautiful harmonies, silly voices, incredible percussion, or full instrumentation, the kids will have a blast learning God's Word and have it hidden in their heart for years!

Each Bible memory CD contains the required memory verses for Children's Bible Quizzing published through The Foundry. They are also great tools for Children's Church, Caravan, VBS, Sunday School, Camp, or just at home! JJR Bible Memory Teaching DVD: Perfect for teaching Visual and Kinesthetic learners!! In this DVD, DaVonne gives tools to help memorize the verses on the JJR CD by using fun actions, great rhythm, and simple sign language. The format is: show, teach, show: The kids demonstrate -DaVonne teaches - then you join along!