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All of our Bible Memory Cds and DVDs are formatted the same.
Verses are from the 2011 NIV Bible.

Bible Memory Cd: Our Bible memory CDs are designed with Children's Bible Quizzing in mind. Whether the songs are a capella with beautiful harmonies, silly voices, incredible percussion, or full instrumentation, the kids will have a blast learning God's Word and have it hidden in their heart for years! Each Bible memory CD contains the required memory verses for Children's Bible Quizzing published through Wordaction. They are also great tools for Children's Church, Caravan, VBS, Sunday School, Camp, or just at home!

Scripture Study Portion 2-Disc Set: This 2-disc set is ideal for Auditory learners or young readers! DaVonne reads all Scripture portions used in the Study of Genesis, published through WordAction. Each track is exactly what the children will be studying from and quizzed over in Dig Sites 1-20.

Bible Memory Teaching DVD: Perfect for teaching Visual and Kinesthetic learners!! In this DVD, DaVonne gives tools to help memorize the verses on the Genesis CD by using fun actions, great rhythm, and simple sign language. The format is: show, teach, show: The kids demonstrate - DaVonne teaches - then you join along!
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JJR: Bible Memory Cd
Our Price: $7.99
Exodus: Bible Memory Cd
Our Price: $7.99
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience but there was an error in one of our Genesis Bible Memory CD/DVD tracks. The error was discovered AFTER production was completed. What is the error? We did not catch that the word "and" had been replaced with a semicolon in the 2011 NIV Bible, so we kept it in the verse. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.